Welcome to Spirit In The Sky Films, a Las Vegas, Nevada based independant film company, specializing in original Conceptualization & Screenwriting film production for New-Age Fantasy Action Adventure films to include: Animated Films, Science Fiction Thrillers, Science Fiction Comedies, Futuristic Drama Films, Post Apocalyptic Thrillers, & Crime Thrillers.


  Spirit In The Sky Films was founded by Carl D'Angeline & Katherine St. Rose in 2009. In a world where the "Remake" has become the norm, coming across an "Original Screenplay" is like finding the Holy Grail. Over the past 10 years, an overwhelming amount of films have been based on a Book, Sequel, or, the most recent addition, the Prequel. This is where Spirit In The Sky Films comes in.


  Spirit In The Sky Films focuses solely on original proprietary Screenplay & Conceptual film production, granting our film company and collaborating partners the negotiating power of owning and/or producing  films with full screenplay production rights, which allows us a unique oppportunity to truly create one-of-a-kind films and the potential to maximize on film profits.


    So join us,  as we make films that inspire your imagination, take you to new places that have yet to be discovered and recharge the human spirit.  We turn imagination into visual accomplishment!​

2021 Upcoming Releases: 

 -Bling: The King of Hip Hop Jewelry

-Confined Intelligence:  Gallanticalypse

- Skelter I:  Advent of Nuahh

- GPS:  Destiny Has A New Gadget


 2022 Upcoming Releases:


 -Lucy in the Skies: it's 2025 & Earth Has A New Leader

-The Prognosticator: Some Claim To See The Future

- Conniption - 4 Doctors, 1 Big Predicament!

-Ultraviolet- Don't Get Caught in the In-Between!


 2023 Upcoming Releases:


-Confined Intelligence II:  Rise of Primarios

-Skelter II:  Terrestrial Takeover

-40 Lives:  Agent Todd Williams

                -The Vision - Don't Take the Wrong Direction


  2024 Upcoming Releases:

-Confined Intelligence III:  The Methusaleh Effect

-Double Vision:  What Will You See Next?

-El Matador:  Some Cases Should Remain Unsolved

- Metamorphia:  They Came In Peace In 2039


2025 Upcoming Releases:


-Meet Nathan Fairbelly

- 51: They Wandered Too Far

Pello: For Song And Glory

       - System 32: UnEarthing Malevolence